Mating today/Parning idag

We had the first mating this morning, the expected litter will be born in mid-November.


Vi hade första parningen imorse, vi hoppas nu på att det blir valpar i mitten på november.


The heat/Löpet

Nemi has started her heat so we will mate her with Topi during mid September.

There will also be more pictures added in a couple of days, just have to choose the one I’d like to show you 🙂


Nemi har börjat löpa och vi kommer para henne med Topi i mitten på september.

Vi kommer även att lägga in foton om några dagar, jag måste bara välja ut vilka som jag vill visa er. 🙂


After 2,5 days traveling and over 1000km we are back home again.

Nemi was mated to Valtteri on 24th and 25th of March so now we just hope that it will result in some nice puppies!