Keep an eye on our page, I seem to have entered a ”photo period” and the camera tags along on most of our (dog)walks.


Håll ett extra öga på vår hemsida, jag verkar kommit in i en riktig ”fotoperiod” igen och kameran är med på de flesta av våra (hund)promenader.

Our beautiful dogs

Just a few more days on vacation, then it’s back to work for me while Janne stays home with daughter and dogs.

Here are pictures of the dogs on on of the last days out in the archipelago, hope you also likes Nemis lovely belly!


Happy birthday Ruska!

It’s Ruskas 7th birthday today, she will celebrate it with something extra special to eat and a long walk in the sunny, warm weather. Maybe she even can find some water to play in…


The dogs enjoys life at our cabin, Ruska spends most of her time outside with her ball(s) playing. Nemi on the other hand prefers to be with us, so if we are outside she plays there and if we are inside she sleeps on the chair..