Bad news

Unfortunately the singleton that Nemi had was stillborn. So no puppies at Jocose…

Nemi and the sun

Nemi in cooking puppies

Nemi, cooking the puppies

The sun is shining and Nemi isn’t complaining. She’s moving around the house as the sun changes position, always looking for the warmest spot.

Ten(-ish) days to go… 🙂

Phone numbers

Since we are back in Sweden again the numbers to get in touch with us are the ones on the first page/about us.

As last thing before heading back to Piteå we stopped at the Finnish IWS special, 576 pictures taken so now I ”just” have to pic the ones that should be out in public and also try to find out who is who…

The rain was pouring most of the time and I didn’t want to damage the camera with to much water so unfortunately I wasn’t able to take head pictures.

The whole family have had a wonderful vacation but I must say it’s lovely to be backe home again! Own beds, this goes for both two- and fourlegged ones, and own space.

Next thing on the schedule is, except working, Nemis puppies! In a couple of days we start the countdown.

Our beautiful dogs

Just a few more days on vacation, then it’s back to work for me while Janne stays home with daughter and dogs.

Here are pictures of the dogs on on of the last days out in the archipelago, hope you also likes Nemis lovely belly!



I just got a SMS that told me that Crazy Cowboy’s Russian Roulette who I have mated Nemi with got his FINCH (Finnish Show Champion) title today!



A 3 hour walk, Icecream and a sunny spring day. I think Ruska have liked her birthday so far, even though she wasn’t allowed to swim in the river.


Nemi was also happy to have some icecream…


We took some pictures trying to show off the growing belly, hope it’s puppies and not just food 🙂


And this is what she usually looks like;


Happy birthday Ruska!

It’s Ruskas 7th birthday today, she will celebrate it with something extra special to eat and a long walk in the sunny, warm weather. Maybe she even can find some water to play in…


The belly

I think we will have puppies in our house in the end of May! Nemi don’t usually look like this, and she is wider over the back aswell.

4 weeks and 2 days since first mating

4 weeks and 2 days since first mating